Buckle Pal Buckle Release Tool

by Eztotz
Color - Pink
Unbuckle car seats easily! Buckle Pals offer an easy way for adults to unbuckle car seats! They use a lever arm to reduce the force needed to unbuckle a car seat. Simply slip over the red button and apply pressure to easily release buckles.Reduce the Force Needed to Unbuckle -  Using the concept of a simple machine—the lever—Buckle Pals makes it easier for adults to unbuckle car seats.  They are perfect for those who have trouble unbuckling carseats.  Great for nails too long to press the red button, perfect for those who have trouble with hand ailments such as arthritis.  Simple to Use - Make unbuckling carseats easier than ever.  Simply slide over the buckle, depress the button using the buckle pal and release the buckles.  That's it! Easy to Use - Stylish clasp included so you can attach the bucket pal to your key ring. Fits most car seats with out unique hinged design Made in USA - We use local manufacturers to make our children's products right here in the USA.


  • Simple to Use – Slide Over Buckle, Press Down on Button, Pull Out Buckles
  • Clasp Included
  • Made of Sturdy Nylon Plastic