Bear Buddy Unbuckle Assistant

by Eztotz
Color - Teal
eZtotZ Bear Buddies reduce the force needed to unbuckle the red button on carseats. It works perfect for those who have hand ailments or for those with long nails to easily unbuckle carseats. Older children can use it as well to unbuckle themselves. The perfect tool for school dropoff lines as well! Featuring an innovative design that stays attached and does not fall off. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Easy to Unbuckle - Makes it more easy than ever to release the red button holding the car seat seatbelt. Reduces the force needed to unbuckle a kid's car seat or booster
  • Won't Fall Off - With our unique design, the bear buddy stays attached to the carseat. No more having to replace it time after time - unique design allows for easy placement (no struggling to get it placed on the strap) and can still be removed if needed
  • Perfect for School Drop-offs - When used for mature children it is the perfect unbuckle device to allow them to unbuckle their five point harness themselves
  • Great for Long Nails and Arthritis - Because it acts as a lever it can help those who have trouble unbuckling without breaking a nail. Leverage provides just the right amount of assistance for those with hand ailments.
  • Made in USA - All our products are proudly made in the USA! We use trusted manufacturers supporting local jobs.


  • Safe Sturdy Nylon Plastic
  • Does not interfere with Seat use
  • Made in USA