Little Dippers Silicone Starter Spoon & Teether | 1st and 2nd Stage Spoons


Safely Made in the USA with 100% Food Grade Silicone

The perfect spoons to start your baby led weaning journey. Little Dipper spoons were designed to assist your baby to learn how to self feed. Featuring an innovative choke guard to ensure no accidental gagging, Little Dipper spoons can also work as a great teether to start with.

Flexible Silicone

Little dipper spoons are made out of soft flexible silicone. The flexibility allows for the spoon to pick up food no matter how it is held and allows little ones to safely feed themselves.

Spoons for All Baby Foods

2 styles of spoons in each package.

Stage 1 (not cut through) is perfect for first baby foods that are thinner. The ridges allow it to hold the baby food for self feeding without the mess.

Stage 2 (cut through) is designed to pick up thicker foods.

Integrated Chokeguard to Prevent Accidental Gagging

Our innovative design features a cute bear head chokeguard. Learning to self feed can result in accidental gagging with normal spoons, so we designed a safeguard to make sure this would be prevented.


Safely Made in the USA

Unlike many baby products, all our products are made in the USA using safe BPA free materials.  3rd party tested by US labs to ensure all safety standards are met.  As parents ourselves our priority is making the safest products possible.