About Us

Parent Designed - American Made

Our Story

eZtotZ was started by parents who were frustrated at the lack of safe baby products made in the USA on the market. When looking for products for their children to use they found that most all products are made in China, and finding products made in the USA was almost impossible. All the big baby brands tend to try to save money by moving their manufacturing overseas, at the risk of potentially unsafe materials being used and a loss of local jobs in the states.

As parents trying to find the safest baby products possible we found it was hard to find any brands who actually manufacture here in the USA.  With all the issues in recent years with overseas products (lead content, phalates, no testing of products etc.) we wanted to buy only the safest products for our children.

This lack of American made baby products led us to start our own company that would design, manufacture, and test baby products in the USA.  With our experience as parents we knew that we could come up with products that other parents would use and were determined to make the safest products possible. 

American Made Products

We are proud to work with local manufacturers, designers, testing laboratories, and photographers for all our products, and are amazed at the number of people our business has interacted with on a local level.  We are an Ohio Based business and works with manufacturers in multiple states around us to make only the safest products for your children.

We will never use overseas manufacturers for our products and look forward to coming up with even more safe products you can trust your children to use.