EZCUP Magnetic Hanging Fridge Cups - 2 Pack

Tough to Tip Toddler Learning Cup - 2 Pack


Teach your Little ones to Start using an open cup

Tough To Tip Cups are perfect for helping little ones make the transition to open cups. With a wider base than top, they are not easily tipped over.

Easy for little hands to grip, and weighted on the bottom to prevent spills, sturdy enough to last years, dishwasher safe, and best of all made in the USA with safe materials!

Better than a sippy cup

Open cups promote better oral development compared to straw or sippy cups. Open cups are recommended by most dentists vs sippy or straw cups


Safely Made in the USA

Unlike many baby products, all our products are made in the USA using safe BPA free materials.  3rd party tested by US labs to ensure all safety standards are met.  As parents ourselves our priority is making the safest products possible.