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BuckleShield Seatbelt Buckle Cover | Help Prevent Accidental Unbuckling


Keep Your Kids Safe!

The eZtotZ BuckleShield is designed to prevent the accidental release of a seatbelt buckle on a carseat. It will safely prevent your kids from accidentally unbuckling their carseat while driving with the BuckleShield.

Easily Installed and Universal Fit

Simply slip the BuckleShield over virtually any buckle and make it toddler proof. The cover does not in any way modify the use or safety of the seatbelt. Easily releasable by adults with any slim item or another buckle.

Top Quality Designed and Made in the USA

To ensure the best quality and safest materials we only use local manufacturers here in the USA. We use safe ABS plastic (the same things legos are made of).