BuckleShield Seat belt Buckle Cover - Seatbelt Lock to Stop Accidental Unbuckling

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by Eztotz
Help prevent accidental unbuckling The Eztotz BuckleShield is designed to prevent a child from accidentally releasing the seatbelt buckle on a car seat. Simply slip  seatbelt buckle guard over virtually any buckle and make it toddler-proof.  Our seat belt lock is easy to use and fits most all cars.
  • Innovative Design: This simple buckle cover slides over most buckles, covering the release button so children can't accidentally engage it. The cover does not modify the use or safety of the car seat and seatbelt.
  • Easy to Use: Easy-to-install and fits nearly all buckles. Adults can easily slide the cover off the buckle at the appropriate time.  Simple use a key or another narrow object to easily and safely release the seat belt from the cover.
  • Multiple Use Cases - Toddler constantly accidentally unbuckling a carseat?  The Eztotz Buckleshield is perfect to prevent accidental unbuckling.  Although not its original designed purpose, many people also use them when having issues with autistic children who do not realize how unsafe it is to unbuckle.  Dealing with Autism and seatbelts can be problematic and our buckle guard can help


  • Made in USA of Safe ABS plastic – Same material as legos
  • Easily Removable with any key or slim object
  • Fits most car seatbelts – we guarantee fit or your money back