Little Dippers Self Feeding Starter Spoon | Silicone Baby Feeding Utensils For Baby Led Weaning

by Eztotz
Color - Purple
The perfect spoons to start your baby led weaning journey. Little Dipper baby spoons are designed to assist your baby to learn during self-feeding. Our utensils are made of 100% food-grade silicone right here in the USA Perfect to Learn: Little Dippers 100% Silicone Baby Utensils are the perfect size and shape for little hands, with a soft, rounded handle that can be held in any position.  If you are looking fort the best spoon for baby to learn to feed themselves, this is the spoon you need. Soft Silicone - Little Dippers are made out of 100% Food Grade Silicone. No plastic is used in their construction. The flexible spoons super easily contour to any bowl or plate and are safe for little tots mouths to get a spoonful of food.  These spoons also can double as a great baby teether, and work perfect to get to those back molars during teething time.   Innovative Design: Looking for a safe baby feeding spoon?  Our spoons feature an innovative choke guard that prevents accidental gagging and choking. Kids will love the cute bear head design while giving parents peace of mind Perfect for Baby Led Weaning - Use stage one spoon to dip into thinner foods (purees) and stage two for thicker foods. You can pre-load to help your babies or toddlers learn when training to feed themselves, then switch to independent feeding.  The best baby led weaning spoons to use, our BLW utensils can be used for self-feeding at any stage.   Easy to Use: The flexible spoons contour to any bowl or plate and are safe for little tots' mouths. Safety Comes First: Little Dippers are made out of 100% food-grade silicone. We use only USA manufacturers. Our products are BPA free and independently tested to comply with US safety standards.  Buy USA made Baby products to ensure you get only the safest products for your little ones.


  • Size: About 5 inches long
  • Materials: 100% FDA-approved soft silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Third-party tested. Meets all safety standards.